Strategy of BRAND building

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There are tons of materials all around so let's cut the crap and highlight the most important in few steps.

  • brand building is the process of creating value to consumers
  • Define your brand
    • this is the first stage of branding. Answer fundamental questions like what is the mission of the company or brand, what are the benefits, experience, spirit, strengths, knowledge, culture etc.?
    Target your audience
    • identify brand with your consumers. Understanding who the brand is for, but also is not for is essential.
  • keep your brand simple and consistent
  • bring the brand to life in everything you do
  • consider a brand as a promise that you make to your consumers
  • consistent performance speaks how your product works and the service levels you provide
  • nothing can destroy a brand faster than creating expectations, interest and promises about something that doesn't exist. Consumers will be loyal to a brand until that trust is broken.
  • Be honest
    • look at the gaps between your perceptions and performance
    Deliver on promises
    • build your brand by truly delivering against the promise you make
  • Product or service price is the communication of the value of your brand
  • brand creates a personality. Focus on things that target consumer values so much that they are willing to pay for them. The essence of strong brand management is developing answers on questions such as what is a brand known for, what are the key associations, is it rather emotional or rational?
  • the continuous brand development responsible for brand positioning and equities ensure that people understand not only the features and benefits of the product or service, but also the emotions and image of the brand